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Christmas Windows at Saks Fifth Avenue

If you love the Christmas windows in New York you are in for a treat. Today I feature the Christmas windows at Saks Fifth Avenue.

This sidewalks are usually packed with tourists and locals eager to see the colorful worlds captured behind the glass. This year may will stay home due to the pandemic. This year, more than ever, we need these special moments of holiday joy. It is my goal to bring all that makes New York so special at the holidays right into your homes.

Last week I filmed these windows and the Saks Holiday light show. The forecast was predicting snow and I knew I needed to start from scratch. The chance to capture Christmas in New York covered in a blanket of snow was too good to pass up.

I dressed in my warmest clothes and set out to capture the feeling of Saks Fifth Avenue and its amazing holiday spectacular. The streets were deserted and I felt like Saks was putting on a private show just for me. The snow was the best Christmas gift I could have wished for. I filmed until my hands were frozen and my batteries and cameras hit their limits.

I hope that these videos can bring a little joy to all those who can not visit us this year. I hope my video captured the energy and spirt of the Christmas windows at Saks Fifth Avenue Follow me in the coming days as I take you to Hudson Yards, Madison Avenue, Macys, Bloomingdales, and much more.

The holidays are very different this year. We must find new ways to celebrate and develop new traditions. These Christmas films are my new way of celebrating the joy of the season

Please share with a friend that needs a lift this holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

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