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Christmas Windows in New York City (Bloomingdales)

More Christmas windows in New York City. Today I show you Bloomingdales

It was bitter cold when I left my apartment at 1 am but I could not pass up the chance to film NYC at Christmas in the snow. My hands were so cold that I could barely feel my fingers. The wind was stinging my face and the snow felt like shards of glass hitting my skin.

The elements were against me but I was on a mission. I wanted to bring Christmas in New York to the world.

This Christmas is like no other in my lifetime. The streets of New York City are usually filled with locals and tourists crowding together to see all the festive Christmas decorations. Many who make the annual pilgrimage to New York are choosing not to visit this year and I wanted to keep this tradition alive. This year I will create virtual visits so everyone can experience the sights and sounds that make New York City so special at Christmas.

Yesterday I showed you the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue and today I will bring you some of Bloomingdales Christmas display. The snowy streets were nearly isolated and the snow made it feel like a dream…a cold blistery dream. I have created countless sets for film and photoshoots but mother nature was my art director this evening. She provided me with absolute perfection, and I was grateful. I soon forgot about the cold and my lost in my creativity.

We need to find joy in all the little things. These windows provided me a wonderful escape from the troubles in this pandemic world. I hope they can do the same for you. Please share these videos with anyone in your life who needs a little Christmas cheer.

Happy Holiday to all, near and far and very best wishes for a happy and healthy new year. For more Christmas windows in New York City check out my vlog and social media.

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All videos created with

Insta360 One X2

Gopro Hero 8

Sony 7aiii

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