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Muelle Restoration in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco

Muelle de Playa Los Muertos (or Vela) in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco recently got a make-over. I was swimming in the ocean at Playa Los Muertos when I looked up to see men suspended by ropes dangling from the top of the Vela. I was completely facinated. I had never thought about the upkeep and maintenance required to keep this beauty lighting up the Puerto Vallarta sky. I ran home to grab my cameras and raced to the pier. The visuals of these men working against the metal giant were awesome but the amazing spirts of these men were the best. They had me laughing for days. Miguel Sanchez and the guys from Cleaning High Construction spent two weeks cleaning, sanding, painting and sealing this iconic landmark. Now it looks brand new. The Muelle has been equipped with new lights and it’s newly restored hull is sure to shine even brighter in the Puerto Vallarta skyline. Next time your taking a stroll on the Muelle lift your beer and make a toast to Miguel and his amazing crew.

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