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Fendi Holiday Windows in New York City

Today I show you the Fendi holiday windows in New York City show as a snowglobe. New York City was hit with a powerful Christmas snowstorm and I could not resist the desire to film and share.

Within 24 hours the snow will become a black filthy slush, but for this short window of time New York City looks like a scene from a holiday movie. I am virtually alone as I film the exterior of the shop. The bitter cold and the pandemic have kept people at home. I felt like it was my Christmas duty to film and share with all who will miss this magical but fleeting moment.

As I approach the corner of 57th and Madison Avenue the Fendi holiday windows appears like a fashion mirage. I am frozen to the core but the fashion angels have delivered me the greatest gift I could hope for. The holiday window displays at Fendi are always lovely, but this year I am getting a private showing. Snow has started accumulate on each window sill and ice is beginning to form on the glass. The iconic Fendi yellow and pink boxes accessorize the nuetrals and metallics of their chic holiday collection.

Retail has been crushed during the pandemic and lockdowns, but the spirt of our friends in fashion continues to shine bright. The staff at Fendi are always on point and very item in the shop feels like a carefully curated work of art. While it is sad. to see the stores so quiet, my visit to Fendi put me in the holiday mood.

I take quick tour of the Fendi interior, but it’s the Christmas windows that I came to film. My goal was to make each of these videos seems as if the viewer trapped in a snow globe. The universe and the weather gods decided to support my cause.

No one was aware that I was filming and I created this as a crew of one. I hope this series of videos gives a much need boost to all those in the fashion business. I also hope it reminds us all of the transformative feel one can get from treating oneself to a truly extravagant gift. The timeless yet progressive designs of Fendi have always been amongst my favorites. This has been a brutal year for most of us. If you have the means, treat yourself to something special this holiday. You’ve earned it.

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All videos created with

Insta360 One X2

Gopro Hero 8

Sony 7aiii

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